JCPA supports Israel as the Jewish homeland and works to deter efforts to undermine the Jewish people’s right to self-determination. We believe in a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through diplomacy and the creation of two independent, democratic, and economically viable states: the Jewish state of Israel and a Palestinian state, coexisting in peace and security.

Throughout its history, JCPA has worked to advance the peace process, by forming coalitions to build a constituency for peace, such as Interfaith Partners for Peace; convening high-level talks with diplomats; and endorsing a two-state solution. We continue to encourage the U.S. government to pursue a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab conflict through direct negotiations. JCPA has always been a strong supporter of Israel, and we believe that peace between Israel and its neighbors is an American interest that the U.S. Government should continue to encourage.

JCPA’s network is united in supporting efforts to promote Israeli-Palestinian coexistence through civil society projects, economic development, and other such strategies that can help bring about a peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians alike. In 2020, after years of advocacy, we achieved passage of the Nita M. Lowey Middle East Partnership for Peace Act, which provides $250 million over five years to expand coexistence between Arabs and Israelis and peacebuilding programs in the region and support projects to strengthen the Palestinian economy. This historic legislation will help create an environment in which the parties can eventually achieve peace in the region.

JCPA has also worked to ensure that facts about the region’s history, policies, and complexities are understood by our partners. We respond to inaccuracies and intemperate rhetoric by focusing on positive steps to deepen understanding and keep the lines of communication open.

FLOATING: In 2010, concerned about growing delegitimization and BDS efforts in the US, we created the Israel Action Center. We continue to work against BDS and in support of two countries for two peoples.

Resolutions on Peace in the Middle East:

Resolutions on Coexistence

Resolutions on Political Developments

Resolutions on Pro-Israel Advocacy

Resolutions on Bias Against Israel


Resolutions on Domestic Issues in Israel

Resolutions on Other Matters Related to Israel

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