JCPA Membership

RESOLVED: That JCPA consider for membership as a national member agency, Jewish organizations whose activities are national in scope and have a significant community relations component.  Among the factors to be considered by the Membership Committee in deciding whether to recommend admission as a national member agency are: the nature and scope of the applicant’s mission, programs and activities and their compatibility with those of JCPA; the nature and size of its membership; and its financial condition and stability.  The Membership Committee in making its recommendation, and the Board of Directors or Plenary Session in making its decision, may consider such additional factors as each may deem appropriate under the circumstances.


FURTHER RESOLVED: That a decision to admit a national organization to membership shall include a statement of the number of votes (not more than 20) the organization will have at the Plenum and the number of representatives (two) the organization will have on the Board of Directors.