50th Anniversary of the State of Israel

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs joins the entire world Jewish community in celebration of the 50th Anniversary year of the establishment of the State of Israel. For a half century, the Jewish people have realized their dream of living in a sovereign Jewish homeland. 

With heartfelt joy we salute the people of Israel and all those who have participated in transforming our people’s ancient dream into a modern political reality and establishing an independent Jewish state based on the prophetic vision of creating a “light unto the nations.” 

We note with pride Israel’s record as a modern democracy and the commitment expressed in its Declaration of Independence to freedom, justice and peace, and to the pursuit of the social, political, religious and cultural rights of all of its citizens. 

We believe one of the best ways to celebrate Israel’s 50th is to visit Israel and to participate in the special 1998 CJF General Assembly in Jerusalem and in the many other special programs, tours and conferences planned by our constituent community relations councils and national organizations. 

We urge the entire American Jewish community to join with the people of Israel in celebrating the Jubilee Year of the State of Israel, united in our hopes and desire for a strong and secure independent Jewish State at peace with its neighbors.