Press Releases

JCPA Statement on the Status of Our Democracy

In a victory for democracy, Americans turned out in record numbers for the 2022 midterm elections, despite unprecedented efforts at voter suppression and disinformation campaigns. Candidates who ran on anti-democratic platforms, authoritarian, and populist agendas largely lost their races, with, unfortunately, notable exceptions. We are relieved there have been no

JCPA Statement on Israeli Elections

Last Tuesday, the Israeli people went to the polls and voted in a free and fair election in which 71% of the electorate cast ballots. JCPA reiterates its support for a democratic Israel committed to a just and inclusive society that promotes human rights for all residents of Israel.  As

JCPA Condemns Racist Shooting in Buffalo

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) strongly condemns the heinous racist shootings in Buffalo and the white supremacist tropes which inspired the shooter. The shooter, who livestreamed his actions on social media and circulated a manifesto espousing violently racist and antisemitic sentiments online shortly before the attack, intended to

JCPA Welcomes Rohingya Genocide Determination

Today’s genocide determination is a significant and long-overdue step towards achieving justice for the Rohingya people. This is not just an important acknowledgment of the atrocities that have been committed against the Rohingya people, but a signal to all who commit these heinous abuses that the international community is watching.