Violence Against Reproductive Health Facilities

 The National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council, meeting in plenary session in Washington, D.C., strongly condemns the outrageous terrorist attacks committed against reproductive health clinics, health care providers and clients. As a society we cannot allow a climate of fear to undermine a woman’s legal right to exercise reproductive choice. This is a right upheld by the United States Supreme Court and supported by an overwhelming majority of the American people.


The time is long overdue for leaders in the anti-abortion movement to take a close look at how their discourse and forms of protest may blur the distinction between legitimate protest and criminal activity. We call upon leaders of anti-abortion groups to censure and disassociate themselves from anyone who advocates violence. We applaud those religious leaders and others who have condemned violence perpetrated by anti-abortion activists.


At the same time, escalating harassment and intimidation requires that law enforcement agencies redouble their efforts to provide protection to providers and recipients of reproductive health care in order to ensure that women are free to exercise their legal right to reproductive choice.