Therapeutic Cloning Research, Jewish Tradition and Public Policy

In light of debate within American society on the topic of stem cell research, the JCPA adopted a resolution on therapeutic cloning research in 2004.  The following clarifies the scientific content of that policy’s action recommendations:


The community relations field should:

  • Support:
  1. Research using embryonic stem cells including those developed through Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT);
  2. Government funding for such research;
  3. Efforts by the scientific community to develop regulations and monitor those using SCNT technology;
  4. Appropriate legislative actions consistent with the above objectives, including legislation that encourages the development of new stem cell lines in addition to the existing stem cell lines already approved for funding by the federal government;
  5. The creation of a fully funded and empowered oversight body comprising of scientists and ethicists to monitor this research, paying special attention to ensuring that the research is restricted to stem cells of very early embryonic development, prior to implantation in a uterus.
  • Oppose efforts to restrict or penalize scientists, clinicians, or patients for participating in stem cell research and SCNT technology for therapeutic purposes;