Support for Long Term Health Care for Holocaust Survivors

The JCPA and its member agencies support the pilot program initiated by Florida’s Insurance Commissioner and the South Florida Survivors Coalition to fund long term home health care for Holocaust survivors. The International Commission for Holocaust Era Insurance Claims has expressed its support for such a proposal in theory. The proposal embodies the principles that the JCPA adopted in its 1999 Resolution on Confiscated Jewish Assets which called for survivors to play a direct role in the resolution of issues affecting Holocaust assets recovery, particularly unpaid Holocaust era insurance policies, and in efforts to obtain resources for the needs of the survivor community, such as long-term health care.

The Florida proposal, designed by a collaboration between the South Florida Holocaust Survivors Coalition and Florida Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson, would initiate a program to fund much needed home health care for Florida’s survivor population from funds already placed into an escrow account by the International Commission for eventual use representing “heirless” insurance proceeds. The plan would also call for the insurers liable for unpaid Holocaust era policies to contribute to the fund. The present proposal is designed only to commit the amount of “heirless funds” that would be allocated to the State of Florida through the process.

The JCPA calls on its member agencies to explore in their own communities the same kind of pilot program for long term health care for their Holocaust survivor community.