Lipstadt-Irving Trial

The current trial taking place in a London, England courtroom, where Professor Deborah Lipstadt has been accused by David Irving of libel for referring to him as a Holocaust denier, provides a powerful reminder of the vigilance required to preserve the memory of the Holocaust.

Professor Lipstadt has, in her writings, performed an invaluable service in exposing efforts to deny the Holocaust. The overwhelming indisputable evidence of the Holocaust is once again being presented in court, and we are confident that the weight of the evidence will not only result in Professor Lipstadt’s legal victory but also in a powerful history lesson for people throughout the world.

At a time when the governing coalition in Austria has included the party of a man widely regarded as a Nazi sympathizer and racist, we applaud the efforts of all those individuals who work tirelessly to combat the malevolent efforts of Holocaust deniers. Any credibility attached to the work of Holocaust deniers can only serve to improve the prospects that Nazi sympathizers will move from the margins to the mainstream.

We support Professor Lipstadt. We applaud her scholarship and courage. We eagerly look forward to an unambiguous verdict in her favor and to her continued eloquent voice on this vitally important subject.