Homosexuals in the Military

With dissent from Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America


American democracy is predicated on the premise that every person is entitled to equality of rights, justice, and opportunity.


This core principle informs our deeply-held position in opposition to discrimination based on race religion, national origin, gender, handicap, and sexual orientation in the work-place, public accommodation, housing, education, and other public- and private-sector settings. We therefore propose that qualifications for military service be based upon individual military conduct and performance rather than on the individual’s characteristics and beliefs.


Consistent with this broad policy, we:


  • oppose discrimination based on sexual orientation in the United States armed services; and


  • support President Clinton’s stated, intention to overturn, by executive order, the ban on homosexuals in the military.



The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America abstains on this issue. The Orthodox Union is opposed to discrimination and vigilantianism. against any individual or group. The Halacha, however, prohibits homosexual activity, and the Orthodox Union cannot join in a statement that could be misinterpreted to imply otherwise.


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