Harassement of Arab-Americans

The National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council decries recent nation-wide attacks, both verbal and physical, on Arab-Americans. The democratic and cultural pluralism inherent in American society is central to the security and well-being of all groups and individuals who comprise the American population. We must not allow strong feelings engendered by the current crisis in the Persian Gulf to generate intimidation of those Americans who are of Arab descent.


The constitutional protections that guarantee the security of all minorities are best maintained and furthered in an atmosphere of open discussion and debate, free of expressions of bias and bigotry. All manifestations of bigotry and bias are unacceptable and group stereotyping must be denounced and repudiated.


The NJCRAC calls upon the appropriate agencies of government to protect the rights and safety of Arab-Americans and to prosecute and punish those who have acted criminally against them.


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