The Jewish community is deeply committed to alleviating the suffering of all people and we support efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  We seek a solution that will allow both peoples to live in peace and dignity and to fulfill the hopes and the aspirations of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples within the context of peaceful co-existence and mutual recognition. 


While we recognize that difficult compromises will be required in order for both sides to come to mutual agreement, we are very concerned about efforts that seek to blame Israel for the failure of the peace process or that seek to use economic actions that could be construed as attacks against Israel. Ironically, while presented as an effort to hasten a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, these efforts are more likely to hinder rather than advance the peace process, endorsing a continuation of a strategy of rejectionism and terror. Moreover, in light of the change in Palestinian leadership and the corresponding improvement in relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, divestment efforts are ill timed and counterproductive.


These economic actions resonate as discriminatory and conjure memories within the Jewish community of the anti-Israel boycott.   They also raise an unfounded and repugnant association with Apartheid, which is unsupported by Israel’s history and treatment of its minority citizens.   As such, the current efforts raise fears in the Jewish community that the purpose of the sponsoring entities is to delegitimize the very existence of Israel as a Jewish state. 


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