The American Jewish Community has historically supported civil rights and individual liberties.   The mission statement of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs expresses a commitment to protect, preserve, and promote a just American society.  The American Jewish community has a “direct stake” in promoting individual liberties, and an “ethical imperative” to do so, recognizing that our values call us to assure freedom, justice, and liberty for all peoples, of all faiths, creeds and ethnicities. 


The struggle to maintain and preserve civil rights and individual liberties has been an ongoing one, requiring eternal vigilance.  It remains so today, perhaps even more so.   History has taught us the danger of compromising individual rights at times of crisis.  As always, the needs to protect our system of government and our nation require that we balance the rights and interests of society with those of the individual.


Increasingly, challenges to civil liberties and individual rights arise in the state and municipal arena. A concerted effort has been made to challenge the role of courts, traditionally a bulwark against the ‘tyranny of the majority,’ in protecting the rights of individuals.


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