Celebrating Doug Kahn

Whereas the global history of the Jewish people is replete with case studies in community relations:  from Queen Esther’s intervention, which saved the Jewish people from extermination in Shushan, to Casar Kaskal, whose appeal to President Lincoln saved Jews from expulsion in Kentucky at the hands of General Ulysses S. Grant;

Whereas the hallmarks of American Jewish community relations are strategic thinking, diplomacy, community mobilization, and advocacy, all of which have enabled our community to endure and to thrive;

Whereas JCPA is the central address for Jewish community relations and public affairs, and has for decades convened an esteemed body of exemplary Jewish community leaders;

Whereas JCPA celebrates extraordinary leadership among its ranks;

Whereas Rabbi Douglas Kahn has earned a sterling national and international reputation for his sharp analytical mind, diplomatic approach, and boundless creativity and energy;

Whereas  Rabbi Douglas Kahn is widely recognized for his even-keeled demeanor, ability to exhaust all creative options to find a diplomatic solution to even the most challenging community relations matters, and for his nuanced and impactful activism;

Whereas Rabbi Douglas Kahn has proudly represented the Jewish people and our sacred traditions and teachings in inter-faith gatherings and activity around the globe, from the Vatican to San Francisco;

Whereas Rabbi Douglas Kahn’s colleagues from around the country seek his wise guidance and astute insights;

Whereas Rabbi Douglas Kahn is a close confidante to countless within the Jewish and broader communities, and sought out for his rabbinic wisdom, pastoral care, mentorship and coaching;

Whereas Rabbi Douglas Kahn has served as an inspiration to our field, and long generously shared his wisdom with us to enhance our work; and

Whereas Rabbi Douglas Kahn has served the Jewish community of the San Francisco Bay Area with distinction for more than 34 years, and is retiring this year

THEREFORE, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs resolves to:

  • Honor Rabbi Douglas Kahn among his peers on this seventeenth day of the month of May in the year 2016;
  • Dedicate this resolutions session to Rabbi Douglas Kahn, which will be his last in his role as Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of the San Francisco Bay Area;
  • Carry forward his legacy of nuanced, strategic, and impact-oriented activism; and
  • Congratulate Doug on his well-earned retirement, and wish him well in his new professional endeavor as he will serve as a Dean of Jewish Community Relations for organizations and community leaders around the world!