With dissent from the Jewish War Veterans of the USA


For almost two years, the NJCRAC has actively opposed the systematic violence being committed by Serbian forces against the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina. There have been several resolutions of the United Nations Security Council calling for an end to the strangulation of Sarajevo and other Moslem cities and enclaves. While a recent NATO ultimatum has produced a limited pullback of the forces besieging Sarajevo, ending the bombardment of that city, the siege of Sarajevo as well as of other cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina continues. Serbia has continued to mount violence against civilians. Serbian forces have targeted children, schools, hospitals and ancient Mosques in an attempt to expel Moslems from the homes in which they have lived peacefully for centuries, often among Bosnian Serbs, Croats, Jews and other minorities.


The systematic killing of innocent civilians, including over 15,000 children, as well as mass rapings and the destruction of centers of Moslem culture, appear to be a Serbian national policy. The pattern of systematic shelling and sniping, designed to obliterate, fits the definition of genocide as delineated in the United Nations Genocide Accord. There have been more than 250,000 casualties, and two million Bosnians, including Jews, displaced in the “ethnic cleansing” campaigns. Over 800 mosques have been razed and more than 200 Catholic churches have been destroyed.


The NJCRAC calls upon the United States government to energetically apply its influence to implement the following measures to stop the bloodshed:











The Jewish War Veterans of the USA dissents from the language “a// other necessary measures, including, ” which in the JVWs judgment would, by implication, authorize the inclusion and deployment of U.S. ground forces in the former Yugoslavia.




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