It has been more than a year since the Israeli government initiated its disengagement from Gaza and northern Shomron, yet the Israeli citizens evacuated from their homes amidst the hope that peace would follow still await the resources they need to rebuild and relocate their lives.


These citizens created their communities with the strong encouragement of successive Israeli governments, building towns, schools, farms, and other infrastructure that were home to and otherwise served thousands of Israelis for dozens of years.  As they seek to reestablish their lives, many evacuees are without permanent housing, stable jobs, or the resources necessary to fully rehabilitate themselves following the ordeals they experienced.  With their communities, small businesses and farms destroyed, over a thousand remain unemployed, without sufficient resources to provide for their families, and thousands of others suffer from severe social and emotional disorders.  This is an unfortunate humanitarian issue.  These Israeli citizens need further assistance as they continue to rebuild their lives.



  • Believes the global Jewish Community must remain committed to supporting these displaced and traumatized Israelis;
  • Commends the assistance of the United Jewish Communities and other organizations and communities to these individuals.

JCPA member organizations are encouraged to:

  • Provide financial assistance and emotional support for the displaced former residents of Gaza and the northern Shomron who were evacuated from their homes;
  • Raise awareness regarding the plight of the Gaza and northern Shomron evacuees and seek necessary support for them;
  • Advocate in their meetings with Israeli government officials for the full compensation and rehabilitation of the Gaza and North Shomron evacuees, requesting in their discussions that the Government of Israel declare the housing, employment and social welfare of these Israeli citizens a national mission of appropriate priority.