JCPA Network Adopts Four New Resolutions at 2021 National Virtual Conference

New York, NY – The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) Delegates Assembly adopted four new resolutions during the JCPA2021 national virtual conference, from April 25-26, 2021. They focus on voter access, genocide against the Uyghur people, climate change, and the Abraham Accords.

Each year, JCPA convenes its Delegates Assembly—representatives of 125 Jewish Community Relations Councils (JCRCs) and 16 national Jewish agencies—to identify and build consensus on today’s most pressing matters through our resolutions process. The resolutions represent the consensus view of this network and are the result of a six-month national policy-setting process that begins in September and culminates in a vote at the JCPA annual conference. The resolutions determine JCPA’s policy positions and set guidelines for the Jewish community relations field nationally and locally

Please see below for links and summaries for the newly adopted resolutions:

Resolution on Expanding Voter Access

Expresses the belief that recent voter suppression efforts are a disservice to democracy with particularly negative impacts on Black, Indigenous, Latinx, disabled, transgender, low-income, young, and elderly voters. The resolution calls on the Jewish community to advocate for legislation to make voting more accessible and to oppose efforts to suppress the vote.

Resolution Condemning the Genocide of the Uyghur People

Condemns the Chinese Communist Party’s ongoing genocide against the Uyghur people, a Turkic ethnic and religious minority residing in the Xinjiang region. The resolution calls for additional sanctions, as well as an expansion of the targeted ban on products produced in or imported from the region.

Resolution on Renewing Our Commitment to Combatting Climate Change

Elevates the urgency of the climate change crisis and calls on Jewish communities to take action, building on JCPA’s extensive body of climate and environmental justice policy. The resolution calls on the Jewish community to educate itself and demand that our leaders be guided by the best available science and work together towards achieving climate justice.

Resolution on Supporting the Abraham Accords

Commends all of the individuals and governments whose work resulted in the signing of the Abraham Accords, including the United States, Israel, and Arab nations. The resolution urges the Biden Administration to seize upon the progress made in the Middle East, as evidenced by the Abraham Accords which the Trump Administration helped to bring about, and use its voice and leverage to expand the relationships between Israel and Muslim countries, and as another means for encouraging the Palestinians to forge a lasting peace with Israel.


JCPA’s Delegates Assembly is responsible for identifying emerging issues, developing recommendations, and adopting resolutions to guide the work of both JCPA and the Jewish community relations field. To learn more about the Delegates Assembly, click here