New JCPA CEO Amy Spitalnick on White House Antisemitism Strategy

For Immediate Release: May 25, 2023
Media Contact: Meredith MacKenzie de Silva,, (202) 412-4370

Jewish Safety is Inextricably Linked to Democracy & Safety of All Communities; White House Strategy Recognizes That and Underscores Urgency of JCPA’s Cross-Community Coalition Work

NEW YORK – The Biden administration released today a federal strategy to confront and interrupt increasingly normalized antisemitism in the United States. The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) – a nearly 80-year old organization that serves as the national convener of Jewish coalitions working to build a just and inclusive American democracy – welcomed the strategy, which underscores the cross-community coalition work at the center of JCPA’s mission as crucial to combating antisemitism and advancing democracy in the United States.

Amy Spitalnick, the new CEO of JCPA who previously led the successful legal effort to hold accountable the neo-Nazis responsible for the Charlottesville violence, released the following statement:

Jewish safety is inextricably linked to the safety of other communities and the health and vibrancy of our multiracial democracy. As we see antisemitism and extremism increasingly normalized in our politics and our society, the urgency of this framework is even more clear. And it’s precisely what I’ve advocated since the first roundtable at the White House nearly six months ago – and in the years since the Charlottesville violence, which previewed the rise of this bigotry and hate in so many ways.

I’m heartened by the Biden administration’s whole-of-government strategy, which at its core recognizes that combating antisemitism requires protecting and advancing our democracy and the fundamental rights and safety of all communities – just as those goals require confronting antisemitism.

As JCPA enters its next chapter, this recognition is at the center of our work – and, in particular, our coalitions will mobilize Jewish organizations and leaders, as well as non-Jewish partners, in this crucial effort.

There is so much work ahead, and a lot to do to ensure the rubber meets the road on this strategy. But it marks an incredibly important step forward.

As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I am keenly aware that the very same hate that claimed my grandparents’ families and so many others has now been normalized here in the United States – the country where they sought safety and refuge after the war.

And yet, despite the dire moment, we have a president and administration who have centered the fight against antisemitism. That sends a powerful message. We’re eager to get to work.

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs has a nearly 80-year history of convening the Jewish community to partner with diverse coalitions in pursuit of a just and inclusive American democracy.

JCPA is currently building two coalitions that bring together Jewish organizations and individuals to partner with diverse racial, ethnic, faith, and civic leaders and groups – focused on combating discrimination, bigotry, and exclusion and protecting and advancing democracy. At the core of these coalitions is the recognition that combating antisemitism and protecting Jewish safety is deeply connected to the safety and rights of other communities and the health of our democracy.

Specifically, these coalitions will:

  • Mobilize both Jewish organizations and individuals and non-Jewish partners to come together across lines of difference in the fight against antisemitism, other forms of hate, and anti-democratic extremism. The fight against antisemitism will be infinitely stronger when we bring together diverse coalitions that understand the centrality of antisemitism to the broader tide of hate and extremism.

  • Provide resources and support to local Jewish Community Relations Councils across the country to engage their communities in the fight against antisemitism, hate, and anti-democratic extremism.

  • Identify, elevate, and scale successful local efforts aimed at fighting antisemitism and other forms of hate, advancing democracy, and protecting civil and human rights.


About JCPA

The mission of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) is to strengthen and leverage the Jewish community relations network across the nation to champion a just, democratic, and pluralistic society and advance the right of full inclusion of all members of our society, including Jews, free of discrimination, hate, and prejudice.

Inspired by Jewish values of human dignity and equal justice under the law and an abiding commitment to vibrant and secure Jewish communities here, in Israel, and throughout the world, JCPA convenes and catalyzes its network to work with public officials, build deep relations, and engage in advocacy coalitions based on shared goals.