JCPA Statement on Netanyahu and Trump Comments

For Immediate Release: September 18, 2023
NEW YORK – Jewish Council for Public Affairs CEO Amy Spitalnick released the following statement:
“This Rosh Hashana, we saw both Prime Minister Netanyahu and former President Trump take a page directly from the authoritarian playbook – attacking Jews who vote or peacefully protest against them as enemies of the state.
Former President Trump’s claim that Jews who vote against him are ‘destroying’ the U.S. and Israel follows a long history of antisemitic comments attacking the vast majority of Jewish Americans as ‘disloyal’ to him and to Israel.
Prime Minister Netanyahu’s comment that Jewish pro-democracy protesters in Israel and the United States are ‘aligning themselves with the PLO and Iran’ should be offensive enough on its own. It’s all the more dangerous with Netanyahu himself meeting with Elon Musk, who has done more to normalize antisemitism than nearly anyone – including this weekend, during Rosh Hashana, when Musk promoted the same Great Replacement conspiracy theory that has fueled the murder of Jews and so many others in recent years.
All of this makes Jews less safe, while seeking to further erode democracy in both countries. And as an American Jew, it’s simply heartbreaking to watch – and to worry that the two places we were told we’d be safe may no longer offer that safety.

The fight for democracy, here and in Israel, is our fight too as American Jews – and our safety, our future, and our values obligate us to make that clear.”


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