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Protecting Democracy and Combating Hate and Bigotry

The unprecedented rise in antisemitism, hate, and extremism requires a new strategic approach to community relations–one that recognizes how deeply interconnected Jewish safety is with the safety of all communities and the future of inclusive democracy.

JCPA’s new Action Networks are mobilizing Jewish Americans and our allies to show up for the policies we need to advance our safety and our democracy. By bringing together national and local Jewish organizations — including Jewish Community Relations Councils and other local Jewish communities across the country — alongside our allies and partners, we’re working to protect and advance our democracy and counter hate and bigotry at a moment when this work is dire. 

At the core of these Action Networks is the understanding that the impact of antisemitism extends well beyond the Jewish community, animating and fueling broader extremism and hate, and that Jewish safety is most assured in inclusive, pluralistic societies where all communities’ rights and safety are protected.

This requires us to do the challenging work of community relations and coalition building, dispensing the zero-sum frameworks so often advanced by the loudest voices. 

Each Action Network is led by a Steering Committee that brings together key stakeholders, including JCRC Directors and lay leaders, national partners and allies, subject matter experts, and other key advocates — mobilizing the networks around key advocacy and engagement opportunities, from federal, state, and local legislation, to communications tools, programming, and more.

Protecting Democracy

America’s commitment to inclusive democracy has allowed the Jewish community to thrive and grow with unprecedented safety and security. Attacks on that democracy and a growing anti-democratic extremist movement profoundly endanger Jews and so many other communities across the country.

From supporting fighting for every American’s fundamental civil rights, to countering rising disinformation and extremism, the Protecting Democracy Action Network is putting our fundamental Jewish values of equality and justice into action.

The Protecting Democracy Action Network’s priorities including:

  • Voting and civil rights
  • Election protection and civic engagement
  • Book bans and curriculum challenges
  • Countering disinformation and extremism 

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Combating Hate and Bigotry

The safety of the Jewish community is inextricably tied up in the safety of other marginalized groups. Efforts to promote hate and bigotry not only harm the targets, but fundamentally undercut the safety and rights of each and every community.

JCPA’s Combating Hate and Bigotry Action Network is mobilizing to counter antisemitism, white supremacy, racism, xenophobia, anti-LGBTQ hate, misogyny, Islamophobia, and all forms of hate and bigotry – and working to build strong bridges between communities that will allow all of us to thrive.

The Combating Hate and Bigotry Action Network’s priorities include:

  • Countering antisemitism
  • LGBTQ+ rights and safety
  • Advancing racial justice and countering white supremacy
  • Immigrant rights
  • Countering Islamophobia, anti-Arab hate, and other forms of bigotry
  • Improving hate crime prevention and reporting
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Women’s and reproductive rights
  • Gun violence prevention

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