by Jared Feldman


As Jews and Americans, we are committed to aiding members of our community in need through the work of our synagogues, CRCs and other private organizations, while relying on our federal government to ensure that it has the fiscal means to meet the needs of all its citizens.  To feed the hungry, clothe the poor, heal the sick, and educate our children, our federal government requires the resources that come from tax revenue. 


The Bush Administration’s proposed Fiscal Year 2005 budget seeks to make permanent the recent federal tax cuts.  To do so would increase deficits by $2 trillion between 2005-2014, inhibiting federal investment in both existing and new programs. These tax cuts will affect the lives and well-being of our children, and our children’s children, who will struggle in a society weakened by the fiscal decisions our government is now making.  The JCPA calls on the Administration and Congress to enact legislation that will allow the federal government to meet its responsibilities to its citizens and to reject efforts to make permanent the recent tax cuts.

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